Feb 16, 2013
Oxford Mills, On
1981 C3 / 1988 C4
Last weekend, a friend purchased something off Kijiji.......we went in the Vette. When we arrived, in the guys garage was a car with the standard grey cover. My friend stated that we will need to see what was under it. I proudly proclaimed that it would not be necessary, as I could already see it was a Corvette. The guy smiled and said it was a C4 like mine. He started to pull up the cover, and I had him stop at the wheels......" '89" I proclaimed. "convertible" I said, since I was on a roll. 3 for 3! Now, I know it wasn't too difficult for a true Vette guy.....so I guess I am becoming one.
Under the cover was a gorgeous White/red/white with 40k that he purchased new. He was about my age, and he told me how he had to bring his father after the dealership didn't take him seriously the first time he went in. I had the same issue when I bought my first new car, an '87 Camaro.
Great story Range -- Thanks for sharing..... I can't wait to see my new C4 that's sitting in BC waiting for me to come drive her home.

If memory serves I got my first car from a guy named Fred.....Fred Flintstone.

Nice convertible too.....not changed much from that time -- just a little more comfortable and fuel efficient.
Just thought I'd share.

The Flintstone. Special Fred's Final Fling full movie 2103 - YouTube
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