M7 1LT, no options
OEM Z06 tails, don't ask
crossed flags
side markers/rear reflectors
rear fascia 9" STINGRAY modified script
smoked plate covers
20% window tint
ACS Zero7 satin black rockers
mufflers painted black
stock bolts fully lowered - FE3 rear sway bar
18/19 TSW Nurburgring matte gunmetal
C7R Jake custom center caps w/Gorilla aluminum lugs

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This past week a couple showed up at the Peterborough cruise night with a C7 the same colour as this one. NICE!!! A fair few do not like the tail end treatment. Then again, that`s probably what they are going to see a lot of. Nothing like rubbing salt in their wounds. ;)
Very nice Jake --

I edited your thread to better fit the pics on the page.

I found that they were consequential with no spaces so I separated each one and posted one on one line.

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