The set in the blue plastic case? Yep, picked one up for the garage here, outside of the nusiance of having to assemble some things, but nice they gave you the teflon tape, it is a very nice set I've found in the three times I've used it and even dad was over here yesterday to do some work on his truck and called me to ask me where the set was as he had a need for the air hammer.

Highly recommended!!


I feel soooo ripped off. I got this last year for $99. :mad:.........................:D

No problem Riley. I'll give you the $10 for your set and then you'll break even. :)

LOL Riley and David....yeah great deal.......I wish I had a compressor.

I know someone who paid $319 last year......I hope they don't see the ad.:eek:

Excellent heads-up Smack. It sure pays to wait for a sale.

Glad I picked it up when I did!.

My next problem is I need a bigger garage or separate workshop! Need space for my toys and tools. Right now my Z51 is in storage at my sister's bothers me not to be able to see it everyday or work on it.

Working on the wife to sell and move. She's starting to show signs of caving!
Got mine yesterday. The case is a complete piece of junk! Lots of crap you don't need but still one hell of a deal. The guns seem to be built well but I haven't used them yet to see. Bottle of oil leaked all over everything.
With my CT points I paid nothing for it really so I'm a happy camper.

This is my official review on this product. lol

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