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Jan 11, 2009
Hi All,

As per our upgrade roadmap we are ready for the platform upgrade.

In order for us to facilitate a trouble-free experience (or at least hide the trouble from users) with minimal downtime this will be done in a few stages as follows.

1. We will gradually disable features on CCF starting today - credits, badges, events, search etc etc. Please don't panic, those features will be re-enabled later. You will still be able to use CCF and private messaging will continue to work but some of the extras will be hidden.
2. We will backup and migrate the forum platform - expected outage up to 2 hours
3. We will patch and re-enable old features gradually. Could take another day or so.
4. We will release new features on an adhoc basis

Step 1 will commence today and should complete tomorrow.

Step 2 we are planning for late tomorrow or this weekend.

This is a fairly significant upgrade hence all the prep works and long threads.

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