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Jul 6, 2012
none right now.
Sometime yesterday I noticed that the CCF Mobile website changed to just the regular website. I like to acces it on my BlackBerry as it loads quicker withouit all the frills; now I'm just getting the regular website that I get on my computer. Anyone else notice this?
Hahaha! That is toooooo funny. I'm learning about the forum and was getting help with it. We were looking at the software for the mobile detection and it is 4 years old and figured it would be obsolete so we shut it off.... how wrong we were! I am impressed it still works!
Only thing I notice now is if I post by phone (like my reply above) it no longer says "posted via CCF mobile". Doesn't matter to me but if you were keeping track it no longer says that. Just noticed my signature doesn't get posted either.
....interesting.... I'm not sure why that would be....I'll try one more thing tonight but I don't think it would make a difference as it was disabled before we were rooting through stuff....
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