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Jan 11, 2009
As threatened our very first iOS CCF app is now approved and should be momentarily available at the Apple App Store.

You may download it directly by hitting the below link:
Corvette Forums on the App Store

Please note it is an early release so there may be bugs. Please report findings here or PM me directly.

We have also updated the links at the Mobile App page here (so if you visit it with your iphone it should redirect you straight to the app):
CCF Mobile App

After loading the application on my iPhone and navigating through the menu items, I find this to be absolutely excellent.
In my Computerized World, "Excellence" is my highest accolade of Award (as "perfection" is a waste of time with things that can always be tweaked).
I appreciate your time and effort and Thank YOU !!! :thumbs:
If you like the app and it doesn't crash more than 5 times on you do leave a 5 star review for us on the Apple App Store. Reviews go a long way over there.

P.S. We will be fixing the crashing. :)
This is me waiting for the app release for BB.... lol....

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I think I'll need an Angry Birds for BB implementation plan like this one.

I have angry tree swallows in my yard every time the cats go near their nest....And I saw this angry grackle at Disney World one time grab a woman's bare back with it's claws.... Oh yeah.... had some angry blackbirds dive at my head one time near a bulrush pond... not sure what an ice thing is though....or what a wood block has to do with BB either....? o_O
We should be releasing our first round of App updates early next week with lots of bug fixes. Make sure you update when you get the prompt. This is for both Android and iOS.

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