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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
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For those who shop at -- there is a promo from Paypal right now which is pretty good:

"Get $30 cash back* when
you spend $150 or more at"

Just got the notice.

Thats because they're losing customers like crazy. When they wanted my bank account number instead of my visa card, I told them to get lost!!!!

Ummmmm, that was not Paypal, that was a scam that was looking for that info.
I called Paypal about that, and they told me they didn't send out any e-mails requesting personal info.
I sent them that e-mail to their offices. I promply deleted that scam e-mail and changed my password on paypal.
Hey lets not forget how many of us mod our cars and how much more we enjoy them afterward so lets not be too hasty about bolt-ons being bad. Like all mods, depends on how tastefully they are done. Nothing wrong with a bit of "boosting" in anything, don't you think??


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