it was a pretty good show this year. i haven't made it the last few years.
With all this snow.....these car shows have to help with the 6 month winter blahs.....come on Spring!
a couple rodds were really well done, as well as a few mopars. as for vettes there were only 2, a 75 and 76. very clean, and looked great. one was black and the other yellow. by the way the majestics ahd a very nice tribute to a gentleman named Barry Green, he was a 30 yr member as i recall. i had the pleasure of seeing him at cp rail when he worked on the shop track in regina. he was very talented at designing and building hot rods and mini rods for his grandchildren to enjoy. he also built a mini rod, using a 440 cc motorcycle engine, and a 6 gallon wheelbarrow for the seat, really cool.
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