Aug 13, 2010
Port McNeill B.C
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Every time I insure the vette and go for a long drive down the island someone runs into it in a parking lot.. 3 times in 5 years. Decided to change color this time:) The body shop did a great job.. I will post some pix of the finished product soon,


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You've got to be kidding me! That would make me not want to take the car out ever again! But the silver lining I guess is the new paint color. I can't wait to see the results! It looks great so far!
I always park at the farthest, emptiest part of the parking lot and preferably at the end of a row where I minimize side swipes to only one side. Perhaps I have just been fortunate. A bright coloured car can't hurt either. :)
That's sucks attracting the wrong kind of attention. that new paint color looks great! Awaiting the finished product.
On the bright side the damage wasn't horrible.. just the right side fender split in 5 spots.. didn't crack the inner though. I do wish I had caught the guy.... It has only been hit once where I was able catch the person:) The shop used smc like the book called for which was nice. I still have to repair a couple of spots that weren't part of the I.C.B.C claim( just where the lower part of the outer fenders on both sides separated from the inners--common problem with the c3s I gather) Lots of stuff to put back together though .... saved close to a thousand by removing the bumpers, mouldings, mirrors and trims myself. ended up with a 2300$ bill plus 300 for my deductible.

Now I am waiting for my new emblems, floor matts, door handle bezels, and windshield header (the parts are adding up$)

Hey Steamer...I didn't even know there was a vette club on the island... definitely keep me posted or if there is a site send me a link.. thanks..
I do to and I usually come out to somebody parked right next to me!

Well, it's just not me then. I park "away" with both the Vette and Challenger. The Challenger has a small ding, just tiny dimple really, but it was gained when, as the only car parked in the box store parking lot very early one windy Saturday morning, some moron in an old van parked right next (and I mean right next) to mine and struck his door against mine. Likely lost it to the wind I suspect. Would not have mattered if he had parked his in any of the other 2,499 vacant parking spots - but he didn't. Of course not...

And how many times have I parked "away" only to discover a circle of cars parked all around mine like a mushroom ring. Magnetic attraction? Interest? I suppose I should feel good about the fact that folks are keen on having a closer look. But a little consideration would be nice as well...or is that too much to expect...sigh...

Rant over... out.

Just a few pics of the new paint.. not a sunny day but not bad.. Still have a lot of pieces to put on but its coming along.

Might just start parking across two spaces now :)


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My mistake thinking it was orange. Beautiful color there.

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just a few more parts

Still waiting on a few parts from ecklers and corvette depot but its pretty much done now.. no more sunny days for pix though.. Took a few more today while I was putting in the lights, floor mats, plates and power antenna. (Rock yo)..... the color is Nissan tri color red with an extra layer of base coat to bring out more red.


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