Sep 3, 2010
2006, base
In case folks are interested....the March 2014 edition of the magazine
has a review of the 2015 Z06.
Quite well written and informative.
Also the issue has one page review of the C7 convertable.

Not that we seem to be into collecting cars from the '50's and '60's,
but a rather interesting article re the future of such collections.
The author works for the specialist insurer Haggerty, so he should
have a good background.

Magazine in bookstores or, as in my case, the local library !!

Take care,
After our talk yesterday, Tony, I got my copy back out and read it from front to back. Some good articles in there that I hadn't had time to read until now.

An excellent issue.

I will have to go find that.

I am really curious how they can be reviewing a car that, technically, is not complete yet.

Anyone have insight?

Other than the mules such as at the CIAS this week I doubt there's many yet.
The Car and Driver article was only a discussion with Big-Wig GM engineer Tadge Juechter and C/D editor Daniel Pund. No road testing yet.

But a very good article and seems to suggest that the ZR-1 will be replaced by the forthcoming Z06.

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