Sep 12, 2011
Somerset, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada
2004 Coupe
Opened the centre consol to fix a broken wire leading to the gear selector bulb and after I put everything back together I was unable to extract the key which had been left partially turned in the ignition.

I know there is an interlock (electrical or mechanical??) somewhere and I suspect that I may have touched that somehow. Good news is the bulb works - but now I have another challenge...

Any suggestions as to how to track down the problem?

Check the owner's manual for the manual release to the electronic shift lock.
It should tell you where the little cover is that must be lifted off to insert a small tool (screwdriver) to manually release the key.
It may have something to do with the key release.

Not sure where that little cover is on our vettes -- (I have the I-key with push button) ....but it should be down near the gear shift lever and have a slot in it.
(about the size of a dime) ---


I did some investigation and discovered where the inter-lock cable attaches to the to the lever in the steering column under the master brake cylinder. I removed the cotter pin (no washer in sight), disconnected the cable and moved the lever full up. Voila! The ignition cylinder rotates to off-lock and the key is free to exit the ingnition.

So I guess the next step will be to trace the cable back from the steering column to find out why the interlock cable suddenly stopped having full travel while I had the center console removed in order to repair the wiring to a bulb. Just a coincidence...perhaps...but I think not.

Any thoughts from this point onward (probably be the weekend before I can get underneath).

Thks for the reply above CCO.

Just a quick thought and this might be too easy but, did you put the shift leaver back into the park position when you were done?

Rob, nothing that easy... I believe that the cable needs replacement. The gear shifter was stiff to move (only had the Vette for a month) and this cable may have been a contributor to that. Just need to trace the cable path back to the shifter to ensure that it's the cable and not something else.

Maybe get a buddy to run the shifter back and forth without the cable connected and you watch the unconnected end. If it moves more freely it may just need to be lubed.

Rob, it still does have some limited movement and had worked fine until yesterday. I'll have more of a look under and then try lube first before I replace unless I see something I really don't like...


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