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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06

So , as most of you know I am converting the NASTY1 over to FI and well need a little more of a foot print to get the power planted . So I sent out my CCW T10's for a little surgery . They went from being a 19x11 to now an awesome 19x13 with a 5" lip :D

What do you think ?




Michelin Pilot Super Sports 345/30/19 --OOOOH YAAAA

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OMG that is one big footprint, any bodywork planned or will they fit OK?

A set of Lewis Five Racing rear fenders to cover all that meat are already in fitting stage :D

These are a full 2" wider than stock :

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Those are crazy!! You could fit my phone length wise on the lip!!:eek: That's going to look killer Manny.:coolgleam:
LOL, Deep is right Manny -- those boots are even wider than mine (by an inch).
Huge .......

I do believe that your right foot will have to help with traction too tho.:D

Can't wait to see the Nasty1 done up.

Wheels look absolutely great. Have they been clear coated or are you going to continue to polish them?
I've got 345's on the rear of mine too because as we all know size really does matter ...

I am still uncertain , if I am going to polish the lips or powder coat them , and leave the centers polished and cleared .

Kind of like this picture , but in reverse :
Flat Ruby Red lips ( To match my rag top ) / Polished centers


This is sort of the look I am going for :
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Are you also able to travel into the future Manny? How were you able to get a picture from 2015? Your skills are obviously WAAAAAY beyond mechanical!!!!

Any stocks we should all be buying?? When is Dasilva Motorsports's IPO??!! I want in on the ground floor for that.


So with the new wide body fenders & super dish wheels you don't need a mini Tub?
Gonna look Great!!:canada:

Mark the mini tub is for keeping the wider wheels and tires inside the factory quarters using a 12 " wheel . The L5 rear quarters allow to add 2" towards the outside and use a 13" wide wheel .

So you I will not need mini tubs with this setup :D
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