Watched this last week and recommended it to a friend. Such an upset for GTR lovers but a huge testiment to what GM is willing to deliver to customers. Very cool to see. Great post Riley. I'm sure the members here will appreciate it.

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I wonder how these two cars would compare had they installed drag slicks on the Camaro. I imagine that they would be pretty close. You really can't compare AWD with two wheel drive. Until GM offers all wheel drive on these cars, they had better stick to road courses because one second in drag racing is an awful lot of car lengths, an embarrassing number of car lengths. You have to be able to get the power to the ground or it is useless. If Nissan can do it, surely GM can too. And no, I am not a fan of foreign cars.
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Great video Riley -- GM can hold their heads up high for this jazzed up 'grocery getter'...
I'm amazed that the Camaro edged Godzilla, but the numbers don't lie.

As good looking, hot, and practical as the Camaro is, to me there's still no comparison with the 'vette. (not that they are comparing them) ..

It makes me wonder just what the StingRay's time would be around that track.
I'd wager that it would be right in the mix.

Not to take away from GM's Camaro tho. Kudos to GM who still have some good old-fashioned know how.

Good point on 4WD Keith -- That feature on the Camaro would obviously knock a second or more off the sprint to 60 and 1/4 mile.

Cool video. In the GT-R's fairness it's basically a 5 year old design and getting long in the tooth. I don't think it has anything to be ashamed of being beat by a few tenths on a pretty much purpose built track car. Not making excuses but the tires on the Z28 (305's at each corner) Pirelli P Zero Trofeo's with a wear rating of 60 and AA grip is basically a tire with a sole purpose competition tire and worn out after a few sessions. The GT-R, Dunlop SP Sport Max GT's with a wear rating of 200 and A grip rating is not really in the same league really. Not taking anything away from the Z28 it's a beast but I don't think the GT-R should be embarrassed. In fact I'm kind of impressed the Nissan was that close in track time given the disparity in rubber. Between the two if I was buying a track toy, I'd get the Z28 but definitely a GT-R for a street car. If a car that does 0-60 in 2.7 and 11 sec quarter at 125 mi/hr embarrasses then I'll take one. Price wise though the Z28 is quite a car but if I was dropping that dough I'd spend a bit more and look at a new Z06.
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