Oops oh yeah your right Colin....LOL My bad ....Its Sat. today dont mind me :D

Correction....2 days :D


My thought was that WHEN I get some extra jingle I'd like consider a C7 and I'd look at a coupe but now the Vert looks pretty sharp .

The highlight of the new Corvette is an electrically powered, fabric folding top that can be operated remotely by the key fob. The top can be opened or closed while the car is moving at speeds up to 30 mph.

The folding top uses thick, three-ply fabric, with sound-absorbing padding and a glass rear window. In other respects the convertible shares the same lightweight materials of the coupe, including a carbon-fiber hood; composite fenders, doors and rear quarter panels; and carbon-nano composite underbody panels.

"We wanted the driving experience of the Corvette to live up to the performance expectations that come with the 'Stingray' name," said Tadge Juechter, Corvette chief engineer. "Because it was designed from the beginning as an open-top car, the Corvette Stingray delivers an exhilarating, connected driving experience
Someone asked when the plant would be ready to produce the C7 .The plant has been producing promotional and test cars on the same line as the C6 .There are always some adjustments that need to be done for a new model but not as much as one would imagine .The biggest issue is existing and new inventory of parts that need to revolve .
Steve the article I read said the changeover crew was now hard at work retooling and would spend a few weeks working on that, after which the production crews would return for initial production runs ...

Sounded to me like the lines would be producing (in some fashion) within a month.

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