Well, went to Maher Chev. in St. Petersburg yesterday and took out their black C7 stick for a test drive with the salesman. We were out for about an hour and 10 minutes. At the risk of raining on everyone's parade that has purchased a C7, on a scale of 1-10, I give it a 7.5. The salesman was very good at letting me put her through some very aggressive moves as he knew where to take me that would not attract the troopers. It has the comp seats and for what it is worth, I did not like them very much. I didn't think they felt as comfortable as my ZR1 seats. I also felt there were some issues with visibility on the passenger rear side when looking back over your shoulder as I don't rely on simply checking the side mirror but perhaps that is just me. Engine and transmission worked well together but salesman said they already had some complaints about the transmission and had a couple returned for some warranty work. Everything is at your finger tips on the dash and easy to read so no issue there for me. Power is adequate but not outstanding given all the hype about the car but that is just my opinion. Ride is very good and quiet too but since there have been several comments about cracks in the tires, I thought I would look at them when test drive was finished and sure enough, this car has some small cracks in the tires as previously mentioned earlier on this site. Showed them to the salesman and we checked out the other 4 vettes they had on the lot and they had them too so it is not cold weather that has affected them. Fit and finish seemed OK too.
Anyway, initial impression was not exactly as I expected but again, that is just me. Others may totally disagree and I am OK with their thoughts and opinions on the car, especially those that have already purchased one. One last point, the salesman said they were already discounting off MSRP and was prepared to offer me a great deal if I was ready to buy as they are anxious to move their inventory. I guess I was expecting a "wow" factor and I didn't get one but others may get what I did not. Just my thoughts.
Thanks ,I'm saving my change for a 15 and It'll be pretty basic .Your test drive helps me out in some of my thinking .
Navion, thanks for the test drive report. So much for the theory that no one can test drive a C7. Can you confirm what tires were on the car? I assume Michelin Pilot Super Sports but I found out a long time ago best not to assume.:nono:

Enjoy the sun and warmth.
Tires were Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Remember this review was only one man's opinion and we all know that opinions are like a$$ holes, everyone has one.
Interesting. I have driven the GS and owned an M3 and C63 and I firmly believe the C7 is a significant improvement in almost every way to those cars.

Also, the tire cracking thing seems very unusual to me. The only ones reported to date have been those in Alberta. None have been reported on the large US Corvette site (no names mentioned :D) anywhere in the US. My car (which arrived in sub zero temps) has none either. As a matter of fact, people in the US didn't even believe the issue until a picture from Alberta was posted because no one there had seen it.

Anyway, we each have our own impressions of the car and that's great. The salesman who delivered the car to me went for a drive with me after I bought it and could not get over how the C7 felt so much better (ride quality, NVH, power, etc). In any event, sounds like the car isn't for you which is too bad.
Having already had lots of miles on your ZR1, your opinion should be pretty valid. It beats the hell out of armchair critics and what they have to say after being brainwashed by all the new car hype. The car companies come out with a new model and it is immediately a million times better than the old one. From '68 to '82, each year was supposedly light years ahead of last years model when in reality they were pretty well the same car under the skin. What you can't argue with is the improvements in horsepower that have come every 2-3 years.
I understand that the Oshawa car plant is going to be down for a while due to slow car sales which is blamed on the cold winter. Not many want to freeze their buns off looking at a car, especially the wives. Perhaps all sales are off, including Corvettes, and so the dealers are starting to talk turkey and not stick to list price plus. There might just be some deals out there.
If the tires are cracking in Florida, a person could hardly blame the cold.
Having already had lots of miles on your ZR1, your opinion should be pretty valid. It beats the hell out of armchair critics and what they have to say after being brainwashed by all the new car hype. The car companies come out with a new model and it is immediately a million times better than the old one....

Except this car is a lot better :D Although maybe not a million times better :rofl:

Having said that, someone coming from a ZR1 will absolutely have a different view than someone coming from a base or GS model. Going from the most capable car GM ever produced to the base model of the next generation would likely generate a lot less "wow" factor. Having said that, there are lots of reviews from owners of previous generation cars that clearly articulate the improvements and there have also been some reviews by ZR1 owners in the US that were very favourable and almost surprised by the C7. I don't think there is any brainwashing relative to the C7... unless the professional reviewers, both in the US and Europe, and almost every actual owner who has owned the C7 and other sports cars (previous gen and others) are all brainwashed. If GM managed to brainwash everyone then their marketing department is just brilliant :D

Having said that, it doesn't mean everybody will agree or feel the same ;)
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I can't believe he let you take it out for a test drive….lol especially for over an hour…. they wouldn't let anyone sit in my car when it was in the showroom…lol nice salesman!

Good review and what you think of the car is very valid. I look forward to the day see and test out a C7. I believe my experience coming from a C5 will be very different than your coming from a ZR1. :rofl:

If I had a ZR1, I bet it would be extremely difficult to peel my hands off the steering wheel, but I have yet to drive either car so really, I have no idea. :D
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