"Might" is the key word there, Bish -- Not doing anything for me......(if in fact this is close to the final rendering).

I much prefer the previous gens by far.

:( I will agree with you Colin, I like the previous models to... I do not like these square taillights, they should of at least kept the round one's but I do like the new Headlights.....
Very impressive work by the animators of that you-tube video!

I like what they did but like every single Corvette enthusiast, the tail lights do nothing for me. I wonder if GM "leaks" stuff that they know people won't like so when the real product comes out, people will love it! Just a thought. I think the new Corvette will be nice!...I hope. I also imagine not everyone will like it but that's the nature of the beast.
The only thing that needs tweaking from the C6 IMO is an update on the headlights. I really think the shape and look is still ahead of its time anyways.

Just my 2-cents.
2014 Corvette

We have a low mileage 2005 and about the only things I would change would be the noisy Goodyear run flat tires and get a little more ground clearance under the front air dam. No complaints about anything else. Still, if I were buying a new Corvette, I would not want it to look the same as one that is seven or eight years old. To improve on the C6 will be a hard act to follow and I sure wouldn't want to see a bunch of weird, pointless body contours and useless scoops and spoilers added. I like them clean, simple and functional.
Looks too much like a Ferrari crossed with a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Corvettes should not have quarter windows behind the doors. I'll keep my '75; it may be old and slower but everyone knows it's a Corvette when they see it.
Ugly stay c6 if this is the new look. To much look like camaro from the rear for me. I hate that square back window too.
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