For those who have been there, it's quite a spectacle to see these new 'vettes cordoned off in the museum just waiting for their new owners to come pick 'em up and see their absolute joy and smiles a mile wide as they take their keys.

If you've not done the trip to BG yet , put it on your must do list. You'll not be disappointed with what the museum has to offer and the assembly plant tours.

Great vid, Steamer.......thanks for posting. The 'vert top is very similar to Terry's C6 -- not a lot of difference in function and really nicely done. He's got(had) the optional electric roof and it's neat to watch it function.
Does its job in about 30 seconds and tucks in so neatly and perfectly. Really really well done.

The C7 looks at least as good.

Here's another that's quite interesting tho they do burn a little off the tires for fun, it gives more views and seat time in the C7 that is quite interesting.


2014 Chevrolet Corvette: 48 Hours with the C7 in Detroit - YouTube


P.S. -- It'll be interesting to see how well the '94 top goes up and down and to compare it to the new(er) versions. I can well imagine the '94 being like new is pretty good too tho a little out of date..... :D

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