Center screen failing intermittently while driving...dead screen with all function/control lost including phone, OnStar, rear view. GM Canada contracts warranty work to York Electronics. A tech based in London was scheduled to come to my dealer in Windsor. Updated software installed & on the way home the screen died again. Tech coming back Friday for hardware replacement...:rolleyes:
There seems to be an issue. I've seen many posts on an other forum site with many infotainment system glitches, failures and replacements.

Not sure if I'm allowed to post to the threads at other site I'm a member of, not sure of the rules.
It seems to be on the early release C7's. There were a lot of issues on the "other" site. Also some complaints about the rear camera alignment and HUD. Hopefully all the bugs will be worked out by now.

Let us know how it works out Jake
Glad to hear all is right with the world again. Human Machine Interface just sounds scary. You don't wanna mess with the Human Machine Interface :)

Add a couple of brown bottles of Human Interface lubricant and it seems to work much better, smooths out the well known bugs. For some odd reason women get prettier as well :D
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