I think it's great. It's a lot like the Lexus LFA. I'd hate to replace it if it ever crapped out, but it's pretty slick looking.

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I like it!!! Race mode for me! With today's tech, I wouldn't be worried about reliability. Really.. When was the last time a computer LCD screen crapped out. Other than that, I can't see the hardware any more complicated than an iPod.
Call me old fashioned but I am a big fan of clocks and dials. Must be my British upbringing. I agree with Riley P, I would find the one I liked then just stick with it.
The graphics are great especially compared to our HUD with the graphics of Pong. Our first computer had green letters and black background and that was donkeys years ago. As with our HUD you find the display that you are comfortable with and it never gets changed. In the future, the dash screen will probably be made a lot bigger with more stuff going on. Looks great to me. If it is anything like our car, you can have the whole IP cluster out in your hand in 15 minutes so there shouldn't be much labour cost in replacing one. I can only imagine the cost of a new unit. :eek:
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