Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
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Hate it.... perhaps a bit strong, it just looks like something from a J C Whitney catalog

How does it allow for the venting that the stock C7 has at the tailights? Copying the C6 (IMHO) isn't the answer.

Once again I know the question, no idea what the answer is.
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If there were to pursue that option, I don't understand why they would not develop new round tail lights that are set in a bit more and modern and have the venting come from around the cavity that mounts the tail lights. I think that would be cool, however, I think gthal nailed it.
The C6 was getting very dated. Thats why they went with the new radical design.
The car has very edgy lines, hence the edgy rear end. Why put a rounded bubble but on it. It just doesn't blend together.

Just my opinion, but I love change.:canada:
I am starting to agree with Mark.

The rear window look miles better than the dome glass on my C6.

I understand how a traditionalist would view the changes. The rear lights don't bother anymore (much). The two styling cues I still am not in favour with are:

1. I like the c6 flags as well. The new ones are too upright.
2. The plastic piece on the rear seems to come up too high IMO

I'm now neutral on the rear lights.

Pretty much everything else, from the exterior anyways, I think looks better on the C7. Dated or not, my C6 still looks wicked, and I wouldn't dream of owning a C7 anytime soon. Perhaps if I were up several more income brackets..........
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