Jan 17, 2013
Nipawin, Sk
2013 Z06
I took this picture for Gary the other day....despite the 11" of rain in the last couple of weeks....the early Canola is flourishing in Northeastern Saskatchewan!:seeya:


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Agreed. I'm really liking the look of white C6s. Too bad I have the antithesis of white on mine..................

It seems like so many possibilities with interior, rims, trim, etc etc.
Hey that is really considerate of you to have thought of me Fitzy! 11" you say too - wow. I'm not sure what we're at here so far, maybe 1.5 to 2" since the snow left. Coupled with the past oh say week plus of temperatures 10 degrees or more warmer than normal, 50 plus km winds, well at this point I don't think I could take a similar picture without a whole lot of Photoshop time!

On the farming front, I finally got my dream tractor on Wednesday. My current one is 310 hp (895 Versatile) and this one is 470 hp (1150 Versatile) and 1650 ftlb of torque! Sort of like the same boost in rwhp the Z06 experienced from stock to post-DaSilva. I hope the tractor will be as lucky for me. I drove to go and take a look at it in person today since I was crazy enough to buy it sight unseen (Internet bidding) and to drive it to the closest town of Beaverlodge. 6 miles north of the location of the tractor the bridge is under construction and they have a 2.9 m width restriction - my tractor is 3.8 meters wide so that didn't happen. So I left the tractor about two miles from the bridge and had to come up with a different plan. Thankfully it appears that there is another bridge about 10 miles to the west of where I am so I can get it across there.

So now I have to compare the cost to have it hauled by truck with the fuel, time and tirewear to drive it oh say 140 miles at a mind numbing 15 mph!


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would be interesting to do the math.
DIY implies ~ 10 hours of driving, all of one days worth.

Have no idea re cost to load it on a truck / trailer. Would you have width
issues if you were to load it ?? Its pretty wide.

Good afternoon Tony,

Yes, this little beastie is 151" wide which is pretty wide. It is a real monster of a tractor actually. The largest probably back in 1982 when it was introduced and even now 30 plus years later there are not that many tractors larger. It started at 470 hp but then the same engine was modified to produce 540 hp and there are not a lot of 540 hp tractors even these days.

B03Z06, as for you suggestion to disconnect the driveshaft. Very laudable! But I'd be facing some traction issues. A 3150 lb lb car with 744 rwhp pulling a 44,500 lb tractor with 8 fairly big tires - that is a whole lotta mass and static friction to have to overcome! Maybe this is when I'd have to get Manny to built me a 4 wheel drive Z06!!

Trucking will be another expense, I've enquired and the only reply (some don't work on the weekend) said it would be between $1200 and $1400. But considering the tire wear, time and fuel I'd burn I'm leaning more and more in this direction.

I really can't wait for it to arrive either way. I'll have it brought to my place before I take it to the farm and maybe I'dd get a side by side for perspective purposes with the car. Pity though, while John Deere construction equipment is yellow, this tractor will be classic Versatile red.............

I really can't wait to try it out and I might ask my uncle if I can hook up to one of his cultivators and hit the field with it and see how fast I can go!


15 mph???? Take it out of second gear, Gary.....

Considering the traffic safety aspect of it, I would consider hauling it.

That Hiway from GP to Rycroft is not overly wide, and when you consider some Yellow Corvette coming over a hill or around a corner and meeting something like this...... especially if the Driver is enjoying some of that 744 HP......

Catch my drift?
Good morning Don,

Nice to hear from you! Ya, the more I think about it the more I am leaning in this direction. My dad has a problem with getting others to do work around the farm, he suffers from the "lets do it ourselves otherwise it will cost money" attitude which means we have a long list of things we need to do that never get done as a consequence. Pay the money, the job gets done and you can do something else in the mean time............... I need to follow my own advice in this case.

I'm just waiting to see if any of the others I called for quotes reply or not and if not I'll go with the guy from Fairview, pay the 12 to 1400 and the tractor gets here, nothing gets worn further and I can be, say, finally finishing cutting my lawn now that it has cooled off and rained a few mm.

If I get him the keys on Monday sometime I wonder how soon he can bring it?! I even have a tree here I'm going to wrap a chain around and rip out of the ground when the tractor arrives!!

Just like my Tonka Mighty Loader that I loved so much as a boy!


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Good morning Gentlemen,

The trucker just called and said if all goes well he should have it loaded at suppertime and expects if there are no problems to have it delivered tonight!!

I feel just like a little kid in a toy store.

Even a weather warning for 10 to 25 mm rain starting tonight and tomorrow. Wow and I even get my son back at supper too.

What a great day this is turning out to be!

Rest assured I'll get a video of the tree "relocation project" too! I hope it will go well and not just result in the trunk bending and the chain sliding up. Then I'll have to come up with a Plan B.............


So...............I waiting until 10:30, no tractor no call from the trucker. Sigh.

I called him this morning. He is at the tractor but it is pouring rain and as he has to travel down some gravel roads he says that it will get the tractor filthy. So he wants to postpone movin git until tomorrow.

Never a problem I just hate when plans change and no one bothers to let me know.......

And no, it is not raining where I am yet either!! That would make it easier to take let me tell ya.


IT's HOME! Finally. Not the smoothest operation as it was suppose to be moved yesterday and I finally called the trucker to see what the issue was and he said he'd be moving it today.

Then this morning he called to say that he was loaded but that there was a width problem. The specs say that with 30.5 by 32 duals the track width is 151" but when the trucker measured it he saiod it was 180"!! So I had to meet him at the bridge about 45 minutes from here to stop oncoming traffic so he could cross.

So I vacuumed the cab, used a spray on fabric glue to attach some pieces of interior trim, fastened that silly hose from the aircleaner to the muffler and it looks presentable.

I won't be ripping out the trees today, only because there is no one here to take the video and I don't feel like using the tripod or taking it from the cab. But ya, compared to the 895 this 1150 is just plain MASSIVE! I am so happy that I am a boy who enjoys his toys!

Sort of the Z06 of my farm equipment you might say!!


I took the tractor to the farm and showed it to dad for the first time and I think even he was impressed that I was able to pick it up for $20K. A leaking hydraulic steering cylinder is about the only problem area so far. Dad was able to confirm that the alternator voltage regulator is in need of replacement. The pyrometer may not be working as there is no longer a wire connected to the sensor! So I hope over the next few weeks to get it into shape..............

This cost me less than the Z06 mods Manny did!!

Here is the failed video of the tree pull................


But I'll be back with more suitable tools next time.

It is hard to belive that even now, 30 years later, there are only a few tractors over 500 hp and you wouldn't believe the new prices - $300K plus.

The Cummins KTA 1150 this tractor has been used in other tractors too - Steiger's Tiger 4 and Big Bud where it is turned up to 600 hp! Not that I'll ever need it but the 1156 Versatile was a 540 hp monster.

Visability is also a lot better than the 895, you're sitting so much higher and the cab windows have no equivalent of "A" or "B" pillars. There are steel frames in the middle of the cab but not forward/rearward and to the sides.


Good afternoon Riley,

Changed the coolant, fuel filters, straightened the step to the engine on the LHS........32 above so we've shut down for the day.................gotta give my dad a tip of the hat, 76 year old or whatever and still out doing his farming thing!

Crops are going to be disappointing, canola yields 25 to 30 bu/ac and wheat maybe 35.........it is dropping by the day.


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