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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
I never really understood what this actually was until I asked one of the drivers at an autocross event. now this guy, Juan, drives an FD and he said that it is really hard to master but essential if you want to get your downshifts right.

So he gets into my car and then tells me that with this car it would be more difficult to do. His concerns are:

1)that the gas and brake pedals are too far apart, unless you've got EEEEEEEEEEE width feet/shoes.

2)that the gas pedal is too far forward compared to the brake pedal therefore requiring a foot rolling technique that is much more difficult to carry out and master than if the two pedals are, well, more flush with each other (on the same plane?).

Juan suggested that I look at adding a shim to the front of the gas pedal that is both wider and fairly thick to make it easier to heel/toe shift.

Anyone else with any experience or suggestions on this.

I understand the reason why I should try to do heel/toe shifting but it looks, well, pretty difficult given the way the pedals are currently situated in the car...........


Just my opinion but... I think you might be psyching yourself out with this one. I found the pedal arrangements to be ideally suited for heel and toe shifting and exclusively shifted my car like that street or track.
Good afternoon HLN A55,

Very possible, God knows I've done that enough in my life. But is there any chance that the '01 Z06 and '06 Z06 have a different pedal arrangement?

How long did it take you to become proficient with this style of downshifting?


But what about the poor C6 Z06 guys?

In your 03 Z are the pedals, especially brake and gas the same distance away from the firewall or is the gas pedal, like in the C6 Z06, much much closer??


I've driven both on the track and found little difference at all. In fact the C6 may have even been slightly better

I got proficient with it by doing it every day on the street. Taking it to the track was just about pushing on the brake harder, stabbing the gas a little harder and grabbing the next gear down a lot sooner :)

If you're ever around Sherwood park with a manual car let me know, if I'm around we can go play a little.
Good afternoon HLN A55,

My thanks for your kind offer and I hope that I can take you up on it! It may not be something that I really need as with this XC I was never out of 1st gear but if I try some track running it appears that it should be something I should learn. And many who have seem to indicate that this is now the way they drive on the street as well. I'm sure that the proper coordination and throttle blipping must sound really nice once it is done proficiently!!

Now for that most sad time of year, off to put the Z into storage. Must be like seeing your kids go off to feels so sad.


CaladoniaBrian, HLN A55 and 427Carl,

What a sad, sad sad day. Took the Z06 to my other house as it has a garage with an empty bay in it. I thought about storing it locally but it would have been $120 a month and figured since my house is still not sold and may not sell over the winter I'd might as well make use of it.

So fueled the car, Bounced the car and battery minded the car. Very sad, like losing a friend.

But no doubt the best BEST way I could ever celebrate being cancer free!

On the plus side, took the back highway and got to thinking about this heel/toe business. So with your encouragement I decided to try it. What did I discover? A couple of things!

1) I can actually do it with my foot at a 45 degree angle.
2) I can actually do it rolling my foot too!

I have to admit that I find it easier to roll my foot. My poor transmission might not have been to impressed with me but I was able to do it a few times including twice where it appeared to be seamless. I understand why people do this now!

I would like a bit of an edge on the brake pedal to be able to position my foot as I can't see in that area very well but maybe that too gets easier with practice.

One thing I did find hard was blipping the throttle too much and then when I take my foot off the clutch it surges ahead but maybe that also gets easier with time.

I really do worry about things too much before simply going and trying it to see what it is like first.

Maybe Juan has narrow feet too whereas I do have 4E wide shoes which might help.

So now not sure if I need to get the wider gas pedal although it might still help........

I can't wait until spring!


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