shifts a little quicker,slight difference in the angle. and yes looks way better. Manny can walk you through the install as he did with mine
I went with the Breathless Performance unit, a bit notchy but you know when you have
it in gear, if I where to change then would go with Manny and his MGW short throw shifter.
I have a c5, a c5 and a Hurst. I can't find a freaking knob for the c6, but it isn't that much different than a c5, diff angle/ergos as mentioned above. The Hurst is adjustable, and on the wimpy setting, it too much for me. The ergos on the c6 apparantly are great. It would be good to try to put all that ergo stuff on the c5 hurst, and find some super wimpy springs....

Big thread on another forum showing the diff b/n all 3.
I believe the car came with a breathless shifter... it is notchy your right.... but at least you know what gear your in.
I dont mind the notchy feeling long as I can get it into gear, reverse would be
the worst if any, you can also do the Antivenom mod trick on the trans.
Use some shim washers to make it a bit easier for shifting, I might get Manny
to try this one on my car when I get the swaybars swapped out hopefully next
week. Anyone here tried the Antivenom mod on their trans?
I never tried the anti Venom. Somehow I have lots of strength in my right arm but I can't really figure out why. I have the B&M/Hurst shifter. Typical comments about it being notchy. I replaced the factory knob with a Hurst knob and that helped with the feel of the trans as it is not squishy like the factory one.

Heard lots of good things about the MGW but have never tried one.
I put the MGW shifter in earlier this year.
It is light years ahead of the factory unit.
Was a little bit stiff at first, but now it's perfect.
Favorite mod so far. :driving:
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