Dec 1, 2010
quick question, I know many could probably give a good answer. if a guy goes with a mild street cam amd header setup, should the auto trans and the diff be beefed up a bit to support the engine mods? I had heard that the auto trans and diff really aren't that strong when more hp is added,
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I think Manny answered this on another thread and the answer was trans and diff was solid up to a certain horsepower. I believe it was more than a cam and headers would give you.

I will look. Maybe I can find it.
thanks, you are correct. I read it before too. I will remove the thread. so I don't seem to be able to remove this thread. and Manny had answered in the corvette performance part. so if an administrator can remove this, I would be very greatful.
I did search and could not find it although I knew I did see and read it. Good for you for finding it, you must have better eyes than me.

I used to go on the HAMB all the time, very seldom any more (Hundreds of a$$h…'s moaning and bitching). I always thought it funny that someone would post something then they would start bitching that nobody ever uses the "search" function. Then somebody uses the "search" function and they start bitching about dragging up some old thread. You just could not win.

Glad you found it, what was the horsepower number?
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the article I saw didn't mention numbers, just talk about a big lumpy cam with an auto trans. and just making a better match for streetability
What year is your C6? I can't remember......maybe I should search that. :D

Someone correct me as I may be pulling information from my butt, but I thought they strengthed the trans/diff in 2006. Yet I also remember Manny stating that the trans/diff in an 05 was more than good for headers and a cam.
We have an '05 and from what I have read, the '05 dif is the weak point but when it breaks, it can take out the back of the transmission in the process. When you think about it, an '05 is probably putting to the ground as much or more horsepower than my old COPO 427 Chevelle with headers and tuned and certainly more than the 427 had from the factory with its leaned out carb and retarded, slow advance curve. The stock setup is probably as strong as the old Muncies and 12 bolt rearends. Now, you add slicks, headers and the horsepower goes considerably higher. You can now expect things to break on the drag strip. With street tires, I am certainly not sweating. My tires don't hook hard enough to break anything. 2006 saw the weak parts beefed up.

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