Jul 3, 2023
Sarnia, ON
2009 convertible
Hi all,

I'm ready to put my new to me 2009 Convertible on the road, i have read everything i can find about the various front license plate frame options.

The one by big Mikes performance parts says no drilling required yet the Amazon review contradicts this.

What is everyone using (if anything), i'm also considering leaving it off all together, the car came from Alberta sans front plate

Thanks in advance
hi, no one has a front plate on a C6? :)
Nope, we all just see the cops and pray to the Lord baby Jesus.

I sort of drilled my bumper, but inside the air intake on the bottom side, so you can't see it. After looking at various nod rill options, all of which were expensive, I screwed 2 L brackets to the under side of the air intake in the front bumper with some double sided tape as a buffer, bent a piece of scrap metal in the V shape of the bumper, bend the license plate similarly, and then bolted the plate and the metal to the brackets. It has been on there for 5 years and if I ever take it off, the only holes will be where they can't be seen.

There are a number of no drill options from OEM style plate holders that attach with 2 sided tape, the "show and go" that has a bracket that attaches to the bumper support and then the plate holder can be removed from the bracket, and a body coloured frame holder that is molded to the bumper shape and fits in the middle.
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based on the no display ticket being $110 i may just take my chances without displaying.

i'll keep the plate in the truck and have a good story ready if i get pulled over.

Can't bring myself to drilling holes in the car and i've read about the tape losing effectiveness over time and the only real no drill Engineered solution i've found is the value of four tickets lol

funny how Chevy didn't think it necessary to engineer an elegant solution with a decent percentage of states and provinces using front plates
My car is a BC car, had no plate holder since new and was not a problem for the previous owner, but he was in the Okanagan which is more relaxd and he's older. I was in my 30s when I got the car and I'm in Vancouver. I also cross the US border regularly so I went without the plate for a month or two, but every time I saw a cop I'd think about it. A friend of mine had a C6 with no plate holder, it was his daily, he parked on the street, and he got pulled over a couple times with warnings within a year, and finally was forced to the 2 sided tape option which he then had no problems with for 3 more years. In BC after a certain number of warnings you can be cited for inspection.

A cop friend of mine suggested keeping the plate somewhere handy in the car like behind the seat, then if you get pulled over pull it out and stick it on the dash and claim it was there all along. I'm not suggesting you do this. Also, I'm not sure about Ontario, but in BC putting the plate on the dash isn't legal, so it might get you less attention but could still net you the same hassle.
I'm an old lady and when I had my 19 Stingray, I kept the front plate off in Ontario. Got pulled over three times in London and area with warnings only, and finally a motorcycle copper told me no more warnings! I figured out a way to clamp it to the grill leaving no marks and worked fine. Moving to Alberta now so no more worries about front plates. So at least in London they are watching.
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Hi - I have one of these sitting (unused/unopened) in my basement if you're interested, just DM me. I got pulled over 1 day after having my C6 and no front plate so went to a local machine shop to get something built even though I'd ordered this solution. I believe this hooks into the existing structure.

Amazon product ASIN B00OM60DH8
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