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Jan 27, 2009
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2001 Z06
I've read a lot about people talking about the quirks they have with their c3's or c4's...

Any insight on what the c5 coupe/z06 quirks are or what needs to be kept under careful watch with these cars?

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There are so many quirks and gremlins in these cars that I could wear all the skin off my fingers typing them all out!
But that is all part of the fun.
Now so far I have been lucky the only ones I have encountered are that 2 times when I have turned on my head lights only one has gone up, I just turned them on and off a few times and it came up and all was well.

The other for me was a vent control actuator got stuck on and because it is one of the parts of the car that is ALWAYS powered the only way to fix it was to disconnect the battery for 1 hr to let it cool of and become unstuck, worked like a charm.

I have been lucky others not so much so I am sure you will hear some good stories.

Where to begin with the G5 quirks....maybe the oil pressure gage...or the fuel senders that get "coated" and stops working when using poor fuels...or the problems with grounds....maybe the wet passenger floors....or the column lock issues...plus others. Still love the car though. If you need me to explain any of them, I'll need a coffee first.:D
Someone on *the place we shall not name* posted this question & got a lot of great input.Don't have a link, but you may find it by doing a search.I used to print & file this stuff, but don't have this one.
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