Jan 11, 2009
Saskatoon, SK
1987 Z51
I saw this convertible for sale on 8th St. this morning. Isn't this the one that was sold last fall? It looks in really good shape just from a quick look. If it's the one I'm thinking of, then it's a really nice car.


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I don't know if that is Trevors, i think his had a different color roof??? but I can't remember. If I saw the car I could tell you.

Plus he had black fender stripes on his car (and you can't take those off). If you could see under the hood, I think he painted his hood liner. Could very well be his car though, I don't know of many convertibles that are that color with magnesium wheels around here. That is the best way to buy a Vette from what I've heard. Buy it in late summer, and sell it in the middle of Winter. Yuck!
Not the same car, i have seen the specks and it is not trevors old car, differnt mileage and the roof is different.

Good to know! That would suck to have to sell a car so soon after buying it. Does anyone know a price?
$30,000 for a 98 vert? If it sells for that, mine's going up for sale at $35,000:p
It looks in really good shape... a garage working on it, lifted it off the lift points and the rocker panel on one side was damaged and repaired?:(
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