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Dec 19, 2009
1999 C5
I am having some issues with my trans popping out of gear in first and second,I am going to try sucking the fluid out of the reservoir to clean it up before actually bleeding the system. For those who are interested,it seems to be a larger job than I anticipated! 97vette.com
When Manny does my fluid he gets out the old turkey baster and sucks out as much of the
old fluids as possible then puts in new fluid and pump the clutch to mix it up again.
Then repeat and suck out as much of the fluids again until its less cloudy as possilble, you
want the fluid as clear as possible and not dark.
I dont know if that is causing your issue now though.
Manny, can the fluid actually cause this?? sounds like synchro's to me...?

Thats what I am assuming but I have read opinions on the contrary. However when syncros are bad I usually hear grinding when going into gear,or just not going into gear,this is different it just simply pops out,and only once in a while! I am also exploring the possibility of a shift fork or something along those lines perhaps,bent?
Actually, when you said it pops out of first, I remembered that my car does that every once in a while. It's usually at the start of the year because I am not use to the shifter (B&M) and always because I think it's in gear but it is only half way in. I go to take off, it bangs out of gear and I feel like a goof. I bought a Hurst shifter knob last year. It helped with the feel of the tranny, and I have not popped it out of gear for a while.

However, if it pops out of second, can't help you beyond that....
Thanks! I have changed the fluid in the trans and clutch master,although much better I still feel it slip into reverse while engaging the clutch,it will only go in if I hold the shifter! I have read on other forums where a shifter alignment process could be required..

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