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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
After have my car sit for over a month it is finally working. When I put the key in the DIC would display 'Pull key, wait 10 sec', after doing that, I would get 'Service Column Lock' and the car would cut the fuel to the engine at speeds above 2mph. The problem is that the computer thinks that the actuator that locks the steering wheel is extended and that the steering wheel is locked. GM had a few problems with C5's steering locking as people were driving their cars so they issued a recall that is unclear and inconsistent at best. Some cars received a new wiring harness between the actuator motor and BCM called the K harness. Some had an extra relay installed and placed under the BCM, while others received neither of these. However, all computers were reprogrammed to cut fuel the engine should the computer detect that the steering wheel is 'locked'. I could easily move the steering wheel so something was wrong. After charging the battery, replacing the suspected relay, pulling fuse 25 and 29 multiple times and having no success, I ordered a CLB from Corvettes of Houston. Anyone that does not know what this is, it is a small electronic box that fools the BCM into thinking that the actuator is in the proper location getting rid of this issue. More information than you wanted to know I bet.

Here is the install.
Content of the CLB system include the CLB electrical box and a connector with a cigarette lighter plug in on the end. This is used to retract the locking mechanism if your steering wheel is locked.
First thing is to remove the lower dash panel under the steering wheel. This is done by prying the fog light/hatch release panel and removing the torx 15 screw underneath it. Unplug the harness going to the switches.


Next, pry the cabin temperature sensor cover off and remove the same screw under that.


There are two more torx 15 screws holding the bottom of the panel on.


Now the fun part, start removing the panel by grabbing it by the side and pulling on it until it lets go. Once it pops free, move up and pop free the upper part of the panel freeing it from the left side of the dash.



The tricky part is next, pull the panel out that covers the temp sensor so that the lower panel can be removed. Reason, the temp sensor extends a couple inches into the dash and is attached to the lower panel, so the temp sensor panel where you pulled the cover off previously has to be pulled out quite a ways so the temp sensor body clears everything.

Once this is done, unplug the harness from the temp sensor and throw the panel across the room, or place it in the passenger seat, your choice. The lower dash should now look like this.


The connector right in the middle of the next picture is the connector that you want to connect the CLB to..notice it is the connector with the orange, green, black and purple wire...or so I thought!!! Warning!!! This is what threw me for a loop. This is not the correct connector! Notice in the next picture that this harness goes into a connector with only a purple and white wire.



The purple and white wire is part of the K harness which must be removed in order for the CLB to work. So keep this disconnected, follow the wires until you find the relay (which is not far away and will be zipped tied to something.

Here is a blurry picture of where my K harness relay was located. It was on the left hand side of the dash.


Follow the other wire connected to the relay to the other connector on the K harness. This is the connector that you have to plug the CLB into. It is located right beside a big yellow connector and attached to the lower part of the dash. The K harness is still plugged in in this photo. It is the connector that has the white, purple, black and green wires.


Disconnect the rest of the K harness and strangle GM with it. Plug in the wiring harness with the cigarette lighter into the proper harness beside the yellow connector, turn the key on the car and you should hear the actuator for the steering lock retract, or try to retract. Remove the key, unplug the harness with the cigarette lighter as it is no longer needed.


Plug the CLB into the harness beside the yellow connector where previously removed the K harness. If the remove key or service steering column errors come up still, remove fuses 25 and 29 from the fuse panel in the passenger footwell, wait one minute, then reinstall the fuses. This should reset the computer and you should be on your way to having a well deserved beer.
Reinstall the lower dash in the opposite steps that you used to take it off. Getting the temp sensor back in is the biggest pain in the butt as you have to pull the upper dash back out to get it in while trying to ackwardly install the panel. If you still have issues with the DIC displaying the error codes, let me know, there may be a relay under your BCM that you have to remove then place a jumper wire across a couple terminals to bypass it. If you need this done, I will find out the information for you.

This is a photo of the temperature sensor from the top. You can see how deep it protrudes into the dash and why you have to pull the upper panel out so much. This picture is just FYI.


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