I had a set of Michelin Pilots on the stock wheels on my '85 and now have a set of Bridgestone Potenzas. I find the Poptenza's to spin much more easily when the road is wet. As anyone can attest, this summer has been very wet ... seems I almost always get caught in the rain when I'm out for a ride.
Now I thought that you were simply going to match up to the nice pair on your car. Were you unable to find a matched pair?
it turns out the almost new khumo 712's on the back are discontinued as of last year. looked everywhere on internet and nobody has any. hate the thoughts of replacing all 4 but what can u do. lol.
what size are yours as i dont believe they make potenza's for mine.
I put the Sumitomo HTRZ III tires on my C4, when I bought it there were Khumo tires on it. 275-40-17
The Sumi's completely changed the car, handling ,ride, noise level.

This year I took the Good year run flats (hockey Pucks) off my C5 and went with the Sumi's again. Best tire for the price you can find.

Check out Tire Rack - Your performance experts for tires and wheels , you can check the ratings and price.:canada:
the goodyear f1s are nice but dont come in my size. same as the sumi's. the tire size on the c4 changed in 88 to 17 inch. mine are 255 50 16. i would need spacers and different rims. i also heard that spacers might be soon illegal in canada and at least one shop i asked said they wouldnt install spacers on any car.
go to 1010tires.com... Canadian based and great pricing. Put in your tire size and you'll get 2 Toyo models, a BFG model and a yokohama. I've successfully run both BFG's and Toyo's... IMHO yokes are crap (i ran a set on my Audi A4 and what a mistake)
Did you say Yokohama or Chokohama?:D All I know is that I've had a ride in Fender's 87 and the BF's seem like very capable, good tires. Let us know what tires you choose to go for and post pics when you do!
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