makes me feel old. It was a big deal back in the day. They even built a new custom plant back then to assemble the car in.
I still love to look at C4's had one and if I ever find a special one for sale might be tempted .It was the beginning of the techie age and actually a step up in quality.
Thanks for that Brian. Really took me back. I was in grade 12 when the '84 was released. All the guys I knew wanted one. It really was ahead of it's time in terms of technology.
Were those factory wheels on that Corvette? They didn't look familiar.

Good eye Keith:
The first car shown (red coupe) has a wheel that is not very well known. In fact it is the wheel that was on the 83. As can been seen on the 83 on display at the museum. In the 84 production year they were changed to the turbines:

Seen on 1983 display Corvette at the National Corvette Museum:


These are the production wheels from 84 and 85:


I kind of like the first thought here, but it is what it is ........
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