I have never even heard of that. That is freakin cool and the pictures look great. I have no idea on the fit and finish. I assume it would be like any kit where it would take a lot of time and money to fit it and make it look good. Hopefully someone here knows about the kits.

PS, welcome to the forum!
I saw one in Myrtle Beach last fall.
When you get close up they are brutal. Kind of a joke.

I love the lines of a C4 and this does not work well. IMO.:canada:

Agreed... c4's are nice cars... if you want a c5? well... best thing to do would be to buy one.

It'll look like butt anyhow because the wheels are closer to the corners on a c5 anyhow so close your eyes and imaging one of those Ferrari kits on a stock frame Fiero...

anyone have any opinion on the c4 to c5 body kit?
fit and finish?
i have only seen pics and not the real thing
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