Jan 11, 2009
Saskatoon, SK
1987 Z51
Yesterday we installed a new composite rear spring from Vette Brakes and Products (Vette Brakes & Products, Inc. - Home Page) and new Bilstein Sport shocks, also from them in the '77. Here is a rough guide on what's needed. In all, including swapping all four shocks, it took about 4 hours.

First, we jacked up the car on both sides in the rear, and placed jack stands under the frame for safety.


Next, we secured a pair of vice-grips to the old spring so that the jack wouldn't slide up the spring when we put pressure on it.


The next step was to jack up the spring to let off the pressure on the nut, unscrew the nut off of the bolt, and let the jack down. Repeat this on the other side.


Now, the only thing holding the spring onto the car is the plate with the four bolts in the middle of the spring. Once you remove the four bolts, you can take the spring out. It comes out easily if you remove one of the tires from the car and pull it out that way.

Here is a comparison of the old steel spring and the new composite spring. The old steel one weighs around 50 lbs, whereas the composite weighs 8 lbs. Big Difference. Also, the composite won't sag over the years like the steel one.



After this, it's basically the reverse process from taking the old spring off. Secure the new spring with the four bolts and the new plate supplied with the spring.


After that, just jack up the ends of the spring and secure them with the new bolt supplied with the kit one at a time.


The next step is important. When you let the car down off of the jacks, let it down SLOWLY. If the spring is adjusted too low, then the wheels might hit the fender.

Let the car down slowly, and see what the ride height looks like. If you purchased a spring that is height adjustable like this one, you can raise or lower the rear ride height by jacking the car up, and turning the nut on the end of the new bolt at the ends of the new spring. Once you have that adjusted to where you'd like, you're finished!

I can say, the new spring and shocks feel FANTASTIC. It handles and rides great! There is no way I would ever go back to a steel spring after this swap. It is highly recommended!

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