Jan 11, 2009
Saskatoon, SK
1987 Z51
The new spring and shocks arrived today for the '77. I highly recommend ordering from Vette Brakes and Products (Vette Brakes & Products, Inc. - Home Page). They specialize in Corvette brakes and suspension. Not only are their prices fantastic, but the shipping was great also.

We got the Bilstein Sport shocks for just over $68 each on sale from $85USD. We checked at two places here in the city, and were quoted $150 and $170 each, with a wait time of 4-6 weeks. We ordered from VB and P on Monday, and they arrived 4 days later. The composite rear spring was around $300USD.

I will write back after we get everything installed this weekend, hopefully with a rough install guide in case anyone else needs to do this!

I have news for you dude. I don't know about your experience with your 87 Corvette, but C3's need four shocks. I don't know why you only got one, unless C3's only have suspension assist or something like that.
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