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Jan 27, 2009
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Hi Kids.
My '75 has a leaking brake caliper. The car has been sitting for a couple of years. I recently rebuilt the motor and started taking the car around the neighbourhood. It is pulling to one side. It appears the left/front caliper is wet!
I've looked into replacement vs rebuilt..core charge, etc.
I've decided to rebuild my calipers myself. I have a spare used right/front caliper that I took apart to see what's involved. I checked out some of the kits on-line and also found some rebuild videos with hints and tips.. I want to go with the upgrade 'O'ring seals vs the original lip seals. This requires new pistons.
CORVETTE DEPOT, in Eastern Canada has a full front brake rebuild kit available..c/w 'O' ring seals, boots, pistons, springs, pins, bolts, bleeders, etc.
Has anybody dealt with them before? No customs charges, duties, ,etc.
I like to shop in Canada..
I have also sent a note to Corvette Central for an estimate of parts, shipping, etc. I'm not sure if they have a Canada free shipping offer in effect at the moment.

thanx ............................................................graham
Shopping in Canada, eh? Give Manny a shout. Gotta pimp the people helping out this forum....and people that constantly provide service that people rave about. :D

I rebuilt the calipers on my 81 Camaro. They were neglected with a little rust in them but otherwise not a bad job! Post up some pics! I'd love to see them!
Although I have not had any first hand experience with Corvette Depot, I have been told by some in this area to stay clear of them...... You can take that for what it is worth.
Corvette Central is the place to deal with in my Opinion. I understand Manny now has an in with CC and can get you anything in their catalogue. Would be worth asking him bout it anyway.
If you do decide to go with Depot, please keep us informed of your service. I also like to buy Canadian if I can.
i rebuilt the calipers on mine using napa parts so i could get the safety certificate to put the car in my name. i wouldn't waste my time again. the originals are a poor design and are prone to leaks and sucking air. always after winter storage they have to be bled. when i have my shop operational i will replace them with new o ring calipers from corvette central. there is no core charge because they are new parts.
Mine were rebuilt a few years ago with the O-rings and stainless inserts. So far no issues. During the winter months I get in the car once a week and pump the brakes a few times just to keep everything moving.
Howdy gentlemen.. thanx for the replys
My calipers were stainless sleeved years ago so the issue is just the lip-seals. I could just replace the lip seals for approx. $20. But if I'm going to rebuild one front caliper I might as well change both fronts to the newer 'O' ring style.
GREG... I wish I could go for the whole WILWOOD thing but that is not happening. Nice gear though.
Doug... That is a good deal for a whole package but I really don't need that right now.
Brian... Thanx for the information.
I talked with Manny. I think I might go with CC direct and buy the kit(s).
I may wait for the next free shipping offer and get new braided lines as well.
thanx gents.. stay tuned for a brake rebuild photo essay coming soon to a forum near you!

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