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Zach 1962

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Aug 22, 2011
Oshawa, Ontario
1972 Stingray
Hey all!
I found a really cool set of uncut keys/fob in my late grandfathers desk drawer for a 50's C1
They've never been used and would be perfect for someone with one of that sweet vintage
I'm hoping to get around $350 for them (some 'vette guys told me that's what I should get at a cruise night a few months ago)
Open to offers though


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These would probably get some interest over in the US corvette forum site in the collectibles section. Always 20+ thousand people on that site ..all the time
What!? Another Corvette site? I feel so hurt!:D

Seriously though, I love the attitude and respect everyone has on this forum and the atmosphere. It's not like the other Corvette forum is bad or anything like that. It's an invaluable resource with more member than I could ever hope we could get. I just hope when people visit the other forums on the web that they always feel at home here and visit often to post thoughts, questions or cool things they find and that the small, close community here is something you can't find anywhere else.

You would have much more luck with this item on the other forums though, but I hope we can find a buyer for you here.
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