Jan 27, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
"Starting April 5, the exporter (seller) in the U.S. is required to file automated export system information. They have to report to the U.S. Census to tell them who they are, what they're sending, who it's going to, in a nutshell,"

"A fine up to $10,000, under the U.S. Census Bureau foreign trade regulations, can be levied for failing to submit the AES information."

"Once the AES filing has been completed, an internal transaction number (ITN) will be assigned"

"A potential problem is that to complete the AES filing, the U.S. seller is required to have a federal tax identification number called an EIN. Private individuals in the U.S. might not have an EIN number but, under the new rule, the American seller will have to get one to comply with the AES filing.

In essence, this means more red tape thus taking the additional time to apply to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to export a car into Canada.

Shopping for a U.S. vehicle? Beware - Winnipeg Free Press
Reading the tread title quickly I thought Canada was going to by the United States ,

Anyway I have three Fed ID numbers if I can do anything to help anyone out I shall.
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