As a side note, picture this happening to 'vette! A good reason to check the date codes on your tires, especially as they get over 5 years old.
Do these burnout competitions actually appeal to anyone with an IQ of over 20? Wait, that's not fair to us low IQ people because some of us have some common sense. Considering the age of the car, I'd call it a write off. Quarter panel, tire, rim, rear hatch and a new paint job are going to cost far more than the car is worth. Everyone has done some sort of a burnout at one time or another but to just sit there and smoke the tires until they blow has me scratching my head.
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Mmmmm. Top of third gear.... only spinning one tire.... I bet that thing was over 350 kph or faster when it let go! (Assuming the speedo would be around 175 kph).

Try to explain that one to the insurance company..... See, I was just driving along on the highway when....
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