May 14, 2011
Barrie Ontario
1991 Coupe
Its now June, the Vette had an antifreeze issue and the starter quit last fall, hid it till now. Took it to the shop, now it starts but it also needs intake manifold and head gaskets, heads need machined and rebuild is suggested. Its back home waiting for me to raise some cash. Its disappointing, but, its fixable and I figure if my biggest problem is getting my Corvette repaired, then life really ain't so bad. Its just a bummer.
So true Dave ....

The other day I was whining about putting a small scratch on the back of my car like the world was going to end .... then I saw the newscast about the people in Oklahoma .

Puts things in perspective .
The age of the car maybe it was time the gasket blew. Too bad you can't just wrench it yourself and enjoy the project. Oh well like you said if this is your biggest problem then your ok.
We are up and running. Took a small bag of cash, rebuilt heads,new head and intake gaskets, 2 engine flushes,new head bolts , synthetic oil, new plugs and wires, but once again its running like a Corvette, and that silly grin is back.

There is an older lady in our office, has a 92 Convertible, and she just got it on the road again as well. She was bubbly with excitement, and so happy to have it, her silly grin is back as well.

Hang the cost , you can't take it with you.
Great to hear you're back on the road Dave. Funny, but I'm down and out right now with a fuel leak. Like you say, oh well.
Good perspective on life in general from original poster. I'm so lucky to have what I have. It's easy to look at those with more, and think you're getting a bum-deal. However, as far as this planet is concerned, we're still some of the wealthiest people alive.

I feel blessed that I dot have to walk 6 miles for water, earn three cents a day, have some semblance of a healthcare system, and can own property. Life is good!
right on dave, good news. there's a big difference in throwing dough at a car you love as opposed to some piece of crap you couldn't care less about. with our vettes we shy away from cheapo fixes because we love em'

doug. :D
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