Great find 81Wayne!

Here is the website link for those who want to get to the build and price page right away.

Build and Price

Once on this page select 2015 Corvette and proceed as usual. If you need additional info or if you want to proceed withy placing your factory order for a 2015 C7 for a April-May delivery please call or TXT me at 416-826-7006. Or PM me if thats easier.

Best of luck!
My current car (2014 Z51, 3LT, NPP, FE4, etc.)
prices out at just under $85K

I'm sure glad I bought it used out of the US, where with price, exchange, shipping and brokering it cost me $78.7K.
Ntmd8r: Price your Vette on the US side and do a conversion and you be mildly surprised Vette's are cheaper in Canada now for a change.
Your $78.7K today costs about 87.9K Canadian now, based at $1.14 exchange.
This could help stop the invasion of US Vette's finding their way into Canada
About time we caught a break living North of the border..........
Wayne, that $78.8K was in Canadian dollars.

And I did price out my identical car in the US (2015).... $78950(US).
Add 10% = about $86K CDN.
So I am not sure how you can say they are lower priced in Canada.

Actual MSRP on my car was $74315 (US).
Ntmd8r: I checked at the bank on Friday and to buy $1.00US = $1.14 Canadian now. I priced out a 2015 Z51 2LT plus options I want and the car in Canadian $76,850 shipping in. In the states the same optioned car is $71,260US convert at 1.14 = $81,236.40 or even at your 1.10 conversion = $78,386
Simple math Vettes cheaper in Canada.
This doesn't in any way make the car cheaper in Canada, only cheaper if we Canadians factor in the horrid exchange that it would cost to buy same in the US. I run a busines that deals exclusively in US funds and, if I could, I would purchase the car in the US as the options for better pricing are much more significant there. In fact, if you watch, the bigger US dealers are advertising 2015s in stock at 6000 below, and this is before Supplier pricing which is accepted in the US, but not in Canada. In fact, we lose out on any opportunity to deal or get the benefits that are seen regularly in the US.

The ONLY think that has occured here is that Chevrolet has dropped pricing of the Canadian Corvette substantially in the past two years to keep us from running to the US for such a purchase. This is not in any way a benefit to us, simply for the fact that Canadians have to fight to get an allocation in most cases.

GM has done this by including a rate of exchange (when we calculate the difference between Cdn and US base prices) that is significantly lower than the rate of exchange if we were to look over at a US purchase.

Let's look at it this way.... If we were dollar for dollar US/Canada again, what would be the better deal. IMO You can't use the rate of exchange balancing act to try to claim we have cheaper pricing when GM has already back doored us into a purchase that is significantly higher at days end. And then.... look at the pricing of things such as options, delivery etc.

We still get raked!

Oh I forgot... let's also include the fact that we can't get 1.99% financing in Canada on a new Corvette and add 3% onto that with GM. Take a look at these deals: ... So you are getting around 5K off, they are accepting supplier and employee pricing...and then you can get it at 1.99% for 72 months...

Oh... and if all that doesn't grab ya... How about 8K off of all remaining in stock 2014 vettes?
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