Aug 19, 2014
Blackfalds, Alberta
2004 Z06
Since the weather has been so mild still I just can't bear to put the car away yet. I was out enjoying a leisurely cruise last night when disaster struck.

ouch by binderpilot, on Flickr

Good thing for the windshield, If I had been on my motorcycle I may have been killed. This was a damn big rock coming off a gravel truck:mad:

My question is where would I get a lightweight windshield for my Z06. This was the original windshield and I want to get the same thickness as I know they were a lighter weight thinner windshield. When I had one chip repaired this summer at a glass shop I asked them what a new windshield would cost and she gave me a quote of $1500 for a non HUD regular windshield:eek: It was then I called my insurance company and put glass insurance on.

Is the local Chev dealership the only place I will be able to get an OEM quality windscreen from?
Must have scared the **** out of you. Thankfully the windshield held up, that could have been very serious had it gone into the cabin.

Let us know what you find out about the windshield. I know they are available but cannot recall the source.
Ya it was a crazy loud bang, I am lucky it didn't come through, I had to change my shorts after that drive.
So I ended up getting an OEM as I wanted to ensure I had the same lightweight one that was designed for the car. It appears everything said and done going to be $1544 +GST, I am sure glad I had glass insurance.
Glad you got it sorted out.

It sure is surprising what windshields cost these days.

I too re-enacted my glass insurance on my cars since discovering these brutal costs.

G/L with future cruises.

Had a similiar thing happen to my C5 last year. Went to the local Gm dealer and got an exact replacement. Windshield was $1,800 but only $200 to me after insurance paid the rest.
Where did you get it replaced James? I got mine done at Standard Autoglass at the north end of Red Deer. That's a decent price, my HUD windshield was over $2,000. GULP!
I wanted an OEM windshield and had it priced out at Kipp Scott, $1342, only problem is they don't install. I am going thru insurance so wanted to only deal with one place, Speedy on the north end is ordering the OEM in and then charging me $202 to install. They wanted $1300 for an aftermarket but not sure if it would be the lighter windshield so chose the OEM. Only problem is the windshield is going to take 2 weeks to get in???????
I have never even heard of that before Brian, thanks for the link. Out of curiosity what does something like that cost?

Not sure, it was a gift from my brother.

I think if damage happens they replace the shield for free. Thought that is what he said.

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