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Feb 28, 2011
North of Canada
2008m vert
:D tentative departure from Maine will be Friday am .Questionable weather means the vett will stay in the garage ,I won't tell the car as she gets upset and let's a couple drops of oil leak on the floor just to freak me out .

So if ya see a Ford Fiesta as the pace car it'll be me :D
A fellow from work is heading down this week. He goes there every year as well as Michigan in the summer. Have a good trip!
If the race has a good chance of being rained out I won't be able to go as I have to be home Monday .So far it's showers Saturday clear Sunday and rain Monday .Now My car is the one that watches the weather channel and gives me the reports:D
Sometimes I think she's had a little to much injector cleaner as she had reported 50 degrees and snow for tomorrow in Bristol.
Damn ,light rain for Sunday so I can't go .I have to be in Maine Monday an absolute must .The only thing that will make me madder is if it doesn't rain and I sit in front of the TV watching it with the sun out .

I think it's more a sign of the economy than lack of interest. I know people who used go to the races just for the social end of it. Still, I'd like to go to a big race at Michigan or Daytona.....just once. :)
Holy crap, there was a time that you couldn't get a ticket....looks 1/4 empty!

We had not bought tickets knowing we could get some somewhere .When people say there is not a bad seat in the house they are pretty much correct .

What upsets me is the weather forecast was completely wrong .I could have gone and been back for tomorrow morning .:mad: next year
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