Wow, Mr. Mullis has very deep pockets and doesn't mind spending some of his wealth on collecting and preserving (black) corvettes. -- and he's not finished yet.:eek:
He's living a corvette dream and a dream of many others too (including me).

Huge admiration for him -- and thanks to him for allowing us 'in' on his collection.

I wish him luck finding the '65 fuelie that he needs to complete his collection.

If it were my collection I'd buy a '53 and keep it under a black cover......just to say I had (almost) every corvette made.:D

If I didn't know better I'd say that Bob found a way to share this with us knowing we love such info and are all corvette nuts......
Just a thought.:D

If it was in fact his doing then thank you Bob -- If not then thank you Keith.
I for one really enjoyed the vid.

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Thanks for sharing Keith. A little bit of trivia: if you see a 1970 -1976 model in black; it isn't the original colour. Black was not available those years except 20 special order 1973 models that were built in black.
I guess it's just something that Bob stumbled on while surfing the net. It would be nice to own just one of the big block cars. I have a ton of left over spare parts from my Chevelle years. :driving: '70-'76, no black! My lesson for today. :) All the trivia is neat stuff. Bob (67HEAVEN) is full of the 67 trivia.
Great collection. Thanks for sharing the video Keith. If I had that kind of money I would probably collect Jaguar's, one from every year that I was born. Born in 1962. I have always had a soft side in me for Jaguar's.
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