No Riley...cant say i have...ive had vettes since i was 25...had a 77 my first...then a 1980...then i went to big block old school muscle cars for a few years....a 1972 Nova with crazy power....but my heart is still with vettes...this time around...i didnt mess the '07 Z06....the nova would beat the vette for about a block...but thats it....if you havent experience the power (power to weight ratio) of the C6 must....its very can see the nova i had...and my other vettes if you go to my Youtube channel page thing (Driven555)...i have a couple other videos i made on there....."Big Block Muscle cars"..and..."72 Nova Custom - 454" other two vettes you'll see half way through the big block muscle car video
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Ah! I love big block muscle as I also own a 66' 396 Chevelle. It's a toss up between which would be faster on the street but I know the vette would take it in the quarter.....which is awesome because it only uses 1/3 the fuel on the highway!!!! Go technology! But the sound of an old school big block is hard to beat.

Some day it is my dream to move up to a C6Z. That is a very VERY far off dream right now and I am just enjoying what I have. I'll check out your other videos later.

As for the Subaru reference, Colin McRae was team 555 in the WRC back in 98 when I had my 98 Impreza 2.5RS. Great car, especially in the winter.
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