I quit going after tramping around all day for two years in a row and buying nothing. A couple of years ago a friend wanted me to go and again....tramped around all day and bought nothing. Granted, I was looking for rarer, harder to find stuff. I've had better luck at Stirling including buying three F-70 x 14 Uniroyal tires for the Chevelle. I had the original spare. There has been some sort of split at Stirling and the main group is moving to the Lindsay Fair Ground and someone is still going to have a swap at Stirling. Too many swap meets and none will do well. I find that there is just so much old stuff and what is left has been pretty well picked over. Now that we have sold our Chevelles, it's time for me to unload a barn full of Chevelle stuff. Go to the swap meets regularly and I guess you hit on guys like me who are unloading a life time collection of parts and pieces. There is still hope. I should go again this year. It's a social time if nothing else.
i like to peruse the tools and equipment etc. two years ago there was a vendor with a 4 post car lift set up. it was nice to be able to give a close up inspection. good opportunity to do some horse trading if you're so inclined. a friend of mine was able to trade one of his early fords for a real nice 68 beaumont. you have probably seen that car at bridgenorth or buckhorn keith.
I always mean to go to that, then I end up missing it for one reason or another ... Then when I see the pictures from it I'm mad at myself .

It looks like there would be a lot of interesting stuff to look at . I'll have to put it on the calendar and make a concerted effort this year !
it's also a great opportunity to see some rare cars. my last time there were two olds W31's with all the right paperwork. also two 61 impala ss 4 spd cars, one rag top, one bubble top, both with chevy's early version 409, both documented. the guys selling the cars, for the most part, have priced them realistally. i was tempted by a real nice 67 cougar GT390 with an asking price of 11K.
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