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Dec 21, 2009
quebec, canada
2008 c6
I bought a hood for my 08 corvette C6.
Hood Model: Duraflex H-Design from Extreme Dimensions.
This purchase is a big disappointment. 1 month after installed, the hood is cracked across the hood and underneath the hood. It is really not advisable to make such purchase. Extreme Dimesion offers no guarantee. With their video on the net, trying to show the durability of products, this video shows a misrepresentation of their product quality.
WOW! They should definitely help you out! If I made a hood and it cracked, I would want it sent back the figure out why so I could either change the product or find out if it was a process error!!!! Let us know what you find out! I would hope they exchange it! Especially since it's only a month old!
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