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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06
Here is the BAD C5 on the rollers and the results:

346 RWHP & 339RWTQ were the final numbers.
Not bad a an auto with just a set of headers /Corsa Extreme's & a Vararam :D

I am ready to do that cam and TFS heads when you are Paul :D

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Sounds great Paul!! I'm sure you'll be happy for a little while, then the itch for more power begins!! enjoy....:driving:
Thanks guys, There are a few things I would like to do, cam / heads are one of them. But also thinking of new wheels and rubber. Would like to go to a black rim.
Sounds Awesome.
Was that you heading south on Mountainview this morning?
I heard and saw a silver C5 just south of # 10 S.R.:canada:
Tony as you know a good set of LS6 ported heads can run some great numbers along with a cam,
I guess you are on this side hahahaha.

good to know!!! ya in the end i thought with stock 243's I did pretty good in comparison... i think 450 with TFS's was real but for an extra $2300 over the port job? :eek: i'm a happy camper!!!
Many dealers take the stock LS6 castings and rework the intake, bowl area and exhaust ports with either a custom
hand grinding or a cnc porting of the heads, they can make very good numbers.
I was looking at the Trickflow cnc machined units but the price at that time was more then I wanted to spend
but the "As Cast" where just coming out on the market and where a fraction of the price and where only 10hp less
then the cnc'd units so that is the direction that I went.
Before that I was looking at the LS6 casting with the water chilled marks, 5-10hp more over the normal
or a set of Patriot Performance or Texas Speed ported LS6 units, there is lots of info out there for Paul to read
when and if he is ready to do the next round of mods.
Agreed!!! I'm pretty confident that the port/polish was good for about 30 RWHP in the total scheme of things... not bad in the $$/hp department
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