We have a '97 Olds LSS and the lights are like new. The secret, it is never left out in the sun except when we are using it. It is garage kept the rest of the time. This is a little late for you. If it is just on the surface, the polish they use to clean up clouded headlight covers might do the trick. Just a thought.
Dannyboy, I suspect Keith is right on the money. I had a Nissan Maxima that the plastic headlight covers had badly yellowed. I bought a kit for cleaning and polishing them from Mequiars (sp?) and it worked amazingly well. Fairly straightforward job that only took an hour or so.

So headlights or backup lights I suspect the material would be the same or similar. You may have to take them off the housing to the job properly. I suspect you will be pleased with the outcome.
Thank you very much!

All in all, the previous owners took really good care of this car but these yellowed lights bother me.
I can't wait to try these ideas out.

Thanks again!

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