Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
And the forum has not gone down in flames!:rofl:

Awesome time with the wife and in-laws soaking up some sun, sand and surf. The weather was 27 and sunny every day with lows of 24 over night. It actually really surprised me how it didn't feel really hot down there, especially with coming from the frosty winter wonderland. The days were great with just a t, shorts, and sandals. At night, it almost wasn't warm enough which was a shock. Anyway, we toured around Punta Cana, did a 400 km, 8 hour tour in a Kia POS to Miches along the 104 (more of a goat trail until they finish the freeway, potholes, washouts, detours without direction), down to El Seibo, Higuey, back to Punta Cana. A word of warning to anyone that wants to do this, street signs are rare. Highway signs are rarer, there are no signs telling you how to get to the "highways" once you find the city and finding someone that speaks English happens, but should be relied upon. However, the island is absolutely beautiful. I would do the trip again but in a truck that can take a beating. (between Miches and El Seibo, the car was down to 15 km/h going up hill and I thought it was going to die!):rofl:

We stayed at the Palm Suits. Condo's with a common pool. It was AWESOME! I loved the pool. Great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.


View of the pool from the deck.


Went to the beach and got a gorgeous sun burn.



A picture for the fellas.



Some topless, tanning but nothing to write home about.

Found out Ford still makes the Ranger! Only blurry pics as there were peeps in the truck and they looked shady so i didn't want them thinking I was taking their picture.

And a Panoramic pic of the countryside.

Welcome back. We missed ya! Glad you had a good trip. :D
Welcome back a Riley, my wife and I love DR , been there 4 times . Punta Cuna to Samana.

We are off to Curacao at 10am March 2nd to the 11th .
Going scuba diving for 3 days :)

I will check in once in awhile .
Nice. Welcome back. It must be hard to come back to this weather.

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Welcome back Riley, looks like you had a great time. Thats for the pics. I am looking forward to my trip on April 5th to Panama.
Welcome back Riley....I sure you had a great time. I'm also just back from Mexico, great place to play in the sun.
Welcome Riley...Great trip and nice beachs...I mean whats a Beach without nice things on them ? Right?:D
Katie and I arrived from our trip not long ago too...Traveling is really fun...I tried something different this year since I turned 50 We decided to go on a Cruise...I never thought once that I would like to go on a boat one day, but hell ya ! That was one awesome trip and I would do it again:D
We stopped at 4 different places, Grand Cayaman, Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel Mexico...Here we are Haiti:coolgleam:


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