Explaining CCF Features in painstaking detail

Article Threads​

Our first of many HYT (Have You Tried) threads that will hopefully explain new and old CCF timers how to navigate and utilize some of CCF's unique and new features.


First up are article threads. Article threads are a special type of thread that anyone can compose in forums where this thread type is enabled (which is most of them at this stage).

These threads are very much suited to more blog like posts (greater length, formatting and image content payloads).

In addition article threads:
1. Add the original post as a sticky article at the very top of each thread so even if you're 5 pages in you can always refer to the original article and navigate to it.
2. Add special formatting if they are created in special Article forums

Have a look at the explainer video on how to cook one up. They are currently available to most (but not all forums):
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